Reggio Digital Studio is a web development studio building great things.


Get your store up-and-running, with options ranging from basic theme setup to complete custom solutions.

Design & Branding

Let's get creative with branding, graphic, and web design.


We can help companies grow their business with SEO and PPC strategies.


We can help with custom plugin development, API integrations, and optimizations.


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Reggio Digital Studio has successfully developed websites for corporations, eCommerce, small business and personal sites for different industries and business activities.

What Our Clients Say


Keryn Means

Twist Travel Mag

"Michael rescued my site speed, switched me to a fast, efficient and beautiful theme that helps my business thrive everyday, and has been my guide on the path to a better online business from a tech standpoint. Without him, my sanity would be in tatters as I try to manage the backend of my site, something I really should never touch."


Kate McCulley

Adventurous Kate

"I'm so happy with the work Reggio Digital Studio did on redesigning my site and bringing it into the present. Within days, they impressively solved some long-term tech problems that others hadn't been able to figure out. I'm grateful to be working with someone who is invested in my site's long-term success -- that's a level of trust I didn't realize I needed until I had it!"

Douglas Mauro

Douglas Mauro

TruePath Technologies

"Reggio Digital Studio has been wonderful to work with. Very technical and always bringing new ideas to the table."


Lillie Marshall

When launching my third website, I asked two top bloggers who they recommended for managed WordPress hosting, and both recommended Michael and Reggio Digital Studio. I’m thankful they did! My site growth has already far exceeded expectations, in a large part because of specific assets Michael has to offer.


First and foremost, Michael KNOWS HIS STUFF. I can ask him any questions (whether he recommends a specific plugin, how to change CSS, etc.) and he expertly answers and provides help. Given that level of service and quality, Reggio Digital Studio’s pricing plans are a truly exceptional value. 


What makes Michael different from other computer experts is his willingness to teach and coach. Thanks to his guidance, my own knowledge and skill base has expanded to the point where I can now do much that I previously relied on others for. This, paired with the fact that Michael’s managed hosting includes license for top-tier plugins, means that I’m able to add new features, tactics, and techniques on my new site that I never dreamed possible before -- and the result is growth!

Geoffrey Pierce

"Michael was exactly what I needed to bring my site across the finish line. I did what I could, but being new to everything WordPress I had a list of stuck issues. We worked it out on Zoom together. So happy. So worth it."


Christopher Darrow


"I am thrilled with Michael's knowledge, and, attitude. I could not be more pleased with the outcome, and it was complicated!"

Wayne Hilton

"Fantastic experience with Michael, superb knowledge and very professional. Highly recommended!"

Tjobbe Andrews

Tjobbe Andrews

Bag Box Man

"Michael was very good to work with. As an ex-front-end developer myself, he is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and even implemented changes we'd never thought of which increased sales. Wouldn't hesitate in using him again or recommending his services."